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I have always believed in the power of building financial blueprint and Abhishek has built an impressive platform to do that. This is a must-have tool for founders as it will help them understand and manage their business.
We highly recommend it to entrepreneurs we support.

Manish Bhai, Co-Founder & CEO, UNOBank, Ex-Board Member Citi, Singapore.

The Next-Gen Valuation Platform To Build Your Business

Samkhya ([Sāmkhyā]; n.: the union of numbers) is derived from the ancient Indian philosophy Samkhya Yoga. Samkhya Yoga explains the world through an analytical framework of elements of nature. At, we combine the wisdom of numbers with our love for frameworks to bring you an online valuation platform that allows you to measure the true value of your firm and in the process build a resilient and thriving business.

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    Build valuation models 10x faster

    Combine the industry recognised approaches with the power of advanced financial modelling to build valuation that is 10 times faster than old traditional methods.

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    Determine the fair value of your business

    Use our data-driven valuation platform to identify company value through 3 different valuation methods

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    Have healthy discussions while raising capital

    Use valuation to identify value drivers and have healthy discussions on how to build your business


What entrepreneurs say


Smart Narratives On The Go

  • Transform your data into clear and concise narratives. Build clarity to develop a compelling story of your company.
  • Identify hidden assumptions on market size, growth, channels, expense and build a business blueprint for your company
  • Have the answers to the key questions and metrics that every investors look for


Answer Real-Time What Ifs. Build Interactive Scenarios.

  • Modify the value drivers of your business to identify the base and best case going forward
  • Build real time scenario analysis on the go with the investors and save it for future use
  • Add benchmarks in the scenarios, download and export it as a neat pitch report, all within minutes.

Build For Scale

While we understand that Valuation lies in the eyes of beholder, we bring more objectivity through well designed frameworks, data through industry wide databases and automated insights to build and fortify our assumptions.

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